Thrive is Virtual

Oh hey, all - things are a little bit crazy out there.

Now more than ever, people need their yoga. We know (because #SCIENCE), that yoga makes us healthier, including by strengthening our immune systems which --- we could all really use right now. 

So, Thrive is VIRTUAL. Find us at our Vimeo site, Virtual Thrivewhere we've made a small library of yoga classes available to everyone - for free!


Want more yoga and want to support local? Consider becoming a Member of Team Virtual Thrive. Our Virtual Thrive Members have access to all our daily Live-Stream classes as well as our over 180 yoga videos on four Vimeo Showcases to match whatever time you've got and whatever yoga mood you're in: Restore with Thrive (our Gentle & Yin classes); Flow with Thrive (our Vinyasa Flow classes); Meditate with Thrive (Meditations & Visualizations); and Bump it Up with Thrive (our Cardio, Yoga Barre, and 26 & 2 classes). 

Before accessing our free classes, the legal stuff: read on below for our Terms & Conditions. At the bottom of the page, you'll then find the password you'll need to view our videos. <3


Namaste, Thrivers, and stay healthy and safe out there! 


Terms & Conditions for accessing the virtual thrive Vimeo Sites ("Terms"): 


By your access of the Virtual Thrive Vimeo sites, located at for the general public, and for our Members, as well as our Live-Stream yoga classes on Zoom (collectively, "Virtual Thrive"), you: (a) acknowledge you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by these Terms; (b) agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations with respect to your use of the site; and (c) represent you are an adult at least eighteen (18) years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into contracts in the jurisdiction where you reside.

You also agree: 


  1. You are or will be participating in the Online Yoga Classes, Health Programs, and / or Workshops on Virtual Thrive ("the Online Classes") offered by Thrive Yoga LLC (“Thrive Yoga”), during which you will receive information and instruction about yoga and health. These Online Classes entail intensive physical activity and exertion by you. You recognize that such physical activity and exertion may be difficult and strenuous and may cause or aggravate a physical injury or medical condition. You agree that Thrive Yoga is not responsible for the physical space you are practicing in. You are fully aware of, and accept the risks and hazards involved.

  2. You understand that it is your responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding your participation in the Online Classes and to receive prior approval to participate. You represent and warrant that you are physically fit and you have no medical condition or injury which would prevent your full participation in the Online Classes. If you are or may be pregnant, you agree that it is your responsibility to consult with a physician before participating in the Online Classes.

  3. In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Online Classes, you agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, conditions, injuries and damages, known or unknown, which you might incur or aggravate as a result of your participation in the same. You agree that you will not perform postures that you think may cause injury to yourself pursuant to your medical history or for any other reason. If at any time during the Online Classes you feel discomfort or strain in a posture, you agree to gently come out of the posture. You understand that you may rest at any time during the Online Classes. You understand that it is important in the Online Classes to listen to your body and respect its limits on any given day.

  4. In further consideration of being permitted to participate in the Online Classes, you knowingly, voluntarily, and expressly waive any claim you may have or acquire against Thrive Yoga and Thrive Yoga’s instructors or staff, for any injury, condition, or damages that you may sustain as a result of participating in the Online Classes.

  5. You, your heirs or legal representatives forever release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Thrive Yoga and Thrive Yoga’s instructor(s) and staff for any injury, condition, or damages which arise(s), is caused by, or is aggravated by reason of your participation in the Online Classes.

  6. For Thrive Yoga's Kids and Family Yoga classes: As the parent and/or guardian of the minor child participating in the Online Classes, you acknowledge that your child will be engaging in physical activities that may involve some risk of injury. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to consult with your child’s physician with respect to any past or present injury, illness, health problem, or any other condition or medication that may affect your child’s participation. You assume the foregoing risks and accept full personal responsibility for any personal injuries sustained by your child which might occur as a result of participating in the Online Classes, and you discharge and hold Thrive Yoga harmless from any claim, cause of action, or liability for damages arising from any personal injury to your child or other persons or property caused by your child's participation in the Online Classes. 

  7. By using the password Thrive2020 and accessing the Virtual Thrive Vimeo Site, you hereby agree to the above Terms.