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POLICIES / General be a good yogini / yogi stuff 

  • Please silence your cell phones and smart watches at Thrive and please keep your phone and your smart watch outside of the yoga room. Hearing someone's phone or watch ring or ding during your practice or as you're just settling into savasana is the worstttt. (In case you don't know what savasana is, think of it as a glorious mini adult nap time at the end of each class. WHAT. Amazing.)

  • Please don't be late to class. We lock up the studio right before each class begins. #BestPractices 

  • If you can, try to arrive at least 5 minutes before class to allow enough time to check in, put away your stuff, and settle into your spot in the yoga room. Again - we're huge fans of the pre-class mini-savasana / adult nap time. It's kind of awesome. We know life happens and some days you'll just barely make it to class. Because we've been that person. 

  • You must be 16 years old or older to practice at Thrive with a parent or legal guardian's permission. Kids cannot be left unattended anywhere in the studio. 

  • Please, no talking in the yoga room before the Hot 90 & Hot 60 classes (as is traditional for 26 & 2 classes). 

  • Please always check in at the front desk before class.

  • Please, help us keep the yoga room clean - barefeet only in the yoga room.

  • To keep you - and everyone within distance of you - safe and slip-free, mat-length towels are required for all our Hot 60, Hot 90, and Bishnu Beats classes. Your beach towels & average-sized bath towels from home will work great! If you forget to bring a towel, rent a Yogitoes towel for just $3 at Thrive.

  • Thrive Yoga Manette is not responsible for any lost or stolen items in the studio or yoga room. 

  • We keep a lost and found box for any left items; we'll hold on to stuff for a month before donating them. 

  • Pro Tip: Smile at yourself in the mirror and it will make any pose just a little bit easier. #YouGotThis  

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