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Class Schedule

Pssstt... have you heard about our $10 late cancellation and our $15 no-show fee for our in-person classes? Read our highlight box at the bottom of this page! #DontGetDinged

Happy class booking! You'll see we've got TONS of fun options, comin' in hot, every week. As you book your classes, please note, we followed the example of LITRALLY every other studio and introduced a $10 late cancel fee and a $15 no-show fee (cancelling your spot within 12 hours of class; not coming to a class you booked). 


Want some more spontaneity in your yoga practice? Spots tend to open up at the last minute, so even if a class looks like it's fully booked, you could head to Thrive at class-time and potentially slide right on in (SCORE!). The benefit of booking in advance is *defffinitely* having a spot in class and getting your yoga in. The flip-side to booking in advance is that since we're a smaller studio, we're really counting on you to be there. For these reasons, our late cancel and no-show fees are here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

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