Class Schedule

Pssstt... have you heard about our new $10 late cancellation and no-show fee for our in-person classes? Read our highlight box at the bottom of this page! #DontGetDinged

Happy class booking! You'll see we've got TONS of fun options, comin' in hot, every week. As you book your classes, please note, we've recently followed the example of LITRALLY every other studio and introduced $10 fees for late cancelling on a booked class (cancelling your spot in class within 12 hours of class) or for no-showing on a booked class.


Trusttttt us, we held off on doing this for as long as we could. The issue was: our in-person classes were all waitlisted, folks would bail last minute, and the folks on the waitlist didn't get notified in enough time to be able to scoot in to class.


We're already seeing that this small disincentive is working to fill up our classes, which are currently operating at limited capacity. BIG thanks to all for your support and understanding, and, as always, don't hesitate to email or call us with any questions!