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want to chill out?

Two words for you: Yoga. Bliss. Get some of it in your life by checking out these class options, great for all ages and abilities.

New To Yoga?

Whether you're brand new to yoga or it's just been a while, we GOTCHU. Start here for a solid foundation.

Looking for the BUrn?

Whether you like it hot or not, we've got classes to help you kick your sweat game up a notch. 


prana beats (95 degrees)

This class takes your traditional vinyasa flow yoga class to the next level.  Free your spine – free yourself! – in this butt-kicking class set to the latest fun jams. You’ll flow to the music, you’ll sweat, and you’ll discover your inner yoga rockstar. 

Hot power beats (95 degrees)

Unleash your power in this moving meditation where you’ll flow to the beat of the music, build heat, flexibility, endurance, and strength, and forget all about [insert latest life issue here] between around the third and the fourth chaturanga. 

FAQ: "What's the difference between Hot Power Beats and Prana Beats!?" Hot Power Beats is going to be your classic vinyasa flow class, centered around sun salutations and strength-building. Prana Beats takes all the great stuff of traditional vinyasa yoga and up-levels it with creative breath-to-movement innovations on and reinventions of the classic moves. For instance, in Hot Power Beats, you might practice Side Angle, Warrior II, and Reverse Warrior, spending some focused breaths in each. In Prana Beats, we'd merge those three poses together into one expressive flow, "Dancing Warrior". Check out both types of classes and see what your fave is!

warm yOGA BARRE  (85 degrees)

Ever walked out of a barre class and thought MAN, I wish there had been more stretchy yoga goodness thrown in there?! Your wish came true in our Yoga Barre class, which marries the best targeted body-sculpting parts of barre to the best stretchy, OMG-I-feel-amazing parts of yoga: YASSSS. 

power sculpt  (77 degrees)  

Power Sculpt is an unheated, high-intensity, dynamic yoga class where you’ll chisel your muscles into shape. Set to the latest fun jams, this full-body workout will strengthen, lengthen, and rock you. (Cue Queen song.)

Did you know? Hot yoga is SUPER good for you. Let us count the ways! 1) Hot yoga has been shown to burn up to 2.5 times MORE calories than are burned in an unheated yoga class. 2) The hot room warms up your muscles, making your yoga poses easier to achieve as well as more effective. 3) Hot yoga has been shown to reduce stress, improve your mood, and reduce depressive symptoms. 4) Just being in the hot room increases your heart rate; add challenging yoga poses to that and you've got a workout! 

Just don't love the heat? No worries! You can make ANY class an unheated class by practicing with us on our heated (for cold days!), rain-covered back deck at Thrive, where you'll see into and get the audio of the class happening just inside. BOOM!

sweat here
Laughing Yoga

warm rANGE OF MOTION (85 degrees)

Join the growing number of folks who’ve wisened up to the vast benefits of yoga as, if not your main exercise, an amazing complementary exercise which enhances lung capacity and improves flexibility, stability, agility, and endurance, and will generally up your game. Geared towards beginning yoga practitioners, this unheated class covers all the yoga basics and provides a great opportunity for you to see what the yoga fuss is all about in a non-intimidating space surrounded by other (maybe-not-super-flexible-but-want-to-change-that-through-yoga) beginners like you! 


Hot flow (95 degrees) and Warm flow (85 degrees)

Flow is an all-levels class, great for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, that fits somewhere between our Range of Motion class and our Prana Beats class. Enjoy a grounding flow and stretch it out! 

outdoor 26 & 2 (Deck) / hot 60 / hot 90 (108 degrees)

26 & 2 is a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises - grounded in the Ghosh/Bikram tradition of Hatha Yoga -  that will work your body from head to toe. There are good reasons why people become really devoted to this type of yoga - it builds strength, flexibility, and endurance, plus it's great for weight loss, weight maintenance, and tackling stress. BOOM! What's not to like? Designed to challenge the beginner and advanced yoga practitioner alike, this class will leave you incredibly rejuvenated.


HOT 60 and HOT 90 are 26 & 2 classes held in a 108-degree heated room with 40% humidity, increasing the intensity of the sequence significantly but still meant to be approachable for all levels of yoga practitioners. We offer modifications for all poses to make this healing sequence accessible to all. Prepare your body for these hottest-classes-we-do-at-Thrive by drinking plenty of water in the 24 - 36 hours before any Hot 60 or Hot 90 class. Definitely don't eat anything substantial within the 2 hours prior to class (i.e. a banana is fine but probably hold off on that burger till after class!). Also, #WordToTheWise, don't try to play catch-up on your hydration by chugging water right before class #LessonsLearned!


26 & Tunes is a 26 & 2 class set to fun jams. Held on Fridays at 5.30pm (from fall to spring), this is the *best* type of happy hour and a great way to kick off your weekend!

Mat-length towels are required for our Hot 60, Hot 90, and 26 & Tunes classes to keep you - and everyone within distance of you - safe and slip-free! Your beach towels & average-sized bath towels from home will work great! If you forget to bring a towel, rent a Yogitoes towel for just $3 at Thrive.

Meditation (77 degrees)

The physical yoga postures we know and love today are just one small part of the ancient tradition of yoga - meditation is a much bigger part! Whether you've never meditated a second in your life or you're a seasoned meditator, come and see what Eastern and Western science agree is a powerful practice that will improve the quality of your life. This is a brand-new class with Katie R. on Fridays at 7am! If it does well, we'll add more Meditation classes!

SCULPT LITE      (77 degrees)

A smaller class (for a maximum of 13 people) held on alternating Wednesdays at 9am with Lake, Sculpt Lite is a less intense version of our (much more intense!) Power Sculpt class, with the option to use the wall and the barre for balance, and employing light weights, yoga balls, and yoga bands for resistance and strength-building. Great for anyone who wants to build bone density and increase their balance and strength in a smaller, calmer class!

Child's Pose

Warm yin (85 degrees)     

Life going a little too fast? Need to hit pause and get some super restful stretching? There's nothing quite like a yin class to help you reset. Yin is yoga at its calmest. You'll be on the floor most of the time, with bolsters and blocks helping prop you up in different stretches as you rest into them with little to no effort. Poses are generally held for at least several minutes, allowing your connective tissue -- your tendons, ligaments, and fascia -- the time to release. Come to Yin and bring your post-yoga bliss face to a whole new level. 


YIN & YOGA NIDRA is a special 90-minute class with teacher Katie Williams that we generally hold on the last Sunday of each month. Yoga Nidra - also known as yogic sleep - will drift you into a deep state of conscious rest where you'll explore a visualization for healing and full-body relaxation (it's basically the best!). 

Gentle Yoga  (77 degrees)

With not one downdog, this chill class will gently stretch you out and strengthen you up with passive and supported poses. You'll learn beginning yoga postures, principles of body alignment, and breath awareness. Plus, you'll learn lots of modifications that you can use in our other classes, and our bolsters and blocks will help ensure the poses are accessible to all. 

slow flow      (85 degrees)

Consider this your new Wednesday night wind-down ritual. With the heat of a vinyasa class plus the grounding and restorative elements of yin, Slow Flow brings you the best of both worlds. This class takes a slower approach to your traditional vinyasa practice by giving you more time to explore each pose with a quiet, reflective pace (*basically* the perfect way to close out your day). After a slow standing sequence to cultivate deep strength, flexibility, and awareness, you’ll end class with long-held yin poses and a meditation for a deeply restorative practice.

Group of senior friends smiling on camera after yoga lesson at city park.jpg

Yoga for seniors

As a 20-something student in DC, I was truly sold on yoga when an 80-something woman started attending the same advanced yoga classes I went to, religiously, every Saturday morning. She was lithe and graceful and strong, and her practice was so advanced that she showed up pretty much evvvveryone else in the room. I wanted to be her when I grew up! We all have to start somewhere. Thrive is a judgment-free zone full of all ages, sizes, and ability levels. We're so excited to offer these new classes to further expand our growing community.

We've expanded our yoga offerings for all our students, including seniors.

If you identify as a Senior and want to join our thriving yoga community of all ages, shapes, and sizes, AWESOME! Here are some classes we'd recommend starting with: 

Gentle Yoga - held every Monday and on alternating Wednesdays at 9am.

Sculpt Lite - held on alternating Wednesdays at 9am.

Warm Yin - held on Mondays at 7.45pm, Wednesdays at 8.15pm, and Fridays at 10.30am. 

Range of Motion - held on Sundays at 10am. 

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