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Thrive Yoga Manette is your cozy community space, your respite between home and work, your place to recharge and weather life's ups and downs, a place where everyone can thrive. 

With a diversity of unheated, warm, and hot yoga class offerings geared to suit everyone from the beginning to the advanced yoga practitioner, at Thrive Yoga Manette we meet you wherever you are in your yoga practice and support your ability to flourish in mind, body, and spirit.  


We also believe that yoga can and should be fun -- so we like to keep things light and, while taking our students' well-being seriously, don't take ourselves too seriously. 

We also like music - a lot. And if you're feeling it, we encourage tapping your toes or fingers to the beat in [insert pose here]. At Thrive, reconnect with your body and your breath, and revel in every minute of precious time you've set aside for yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of life. 


Photo by Spencer Millsap (Kristi's husband :))

Green Leaves

Kristi, Thrive Yoga Manette's founder, discovered yoga as a way to de-stress during law school almost a decade and a half ago --and she's been an avid yoga practitioner ever since. She moved to Bremerton in 2018 after working in international development & human rights in Washington, DC for 10 years. 


As she planned to continue her career in Seattle, the question foremost on her mind was: how, where & when would she be practicing yoga everyday?


She'd loved her yoga studio community in DC but she wasn't finding anything in Bremerton that could fill that void. Then the universe stepped in and provided some helpful and loving pushes in the direction of opening Thrive Yoga Manette.


Through this new path, Kristi is excited to be part of a new generation in Bremerton that is investing in their city's progress and making it home. 

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