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We put together between 2 - 4 retreats every year, and we continually strive to offer up novel yoga + vacation experiences in diverse locations at price-points accessible for all. 

Why retreat with Thrive? 

Once you combine yoga with your vacations's hard to go back! Imagine everything you love about Thrive: the consistently amazing yoga, the diverse styles of yoga from blissful Yin & Yoga Nidra to kick-your-butt Power Sculpt - plus everything you love about vacationing: great food, beautiful places, adventure, restoration, and exploration. Now imagine sharing that epic yoga vacation with a bunch of other awesome humans who are part of your same yoga community.

You'll make new friends. You'll have dedicated time to restore and introspect. You can do all the yoga classes and group activities we offer, or you can sleep in, or you can do your own thing. You might come away with some great inside jokes. You'll definitely come away with some awesome memories. 

Retreats take us a TON of time to plan and execute. We're doing more retreats annually because we've seen how amazingly retreats BUILD and STRENGTHEN our community. All the Thrive friendships made and a weekly Thrive Karaoke night born! It's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Join in the yoga + vacation vibes fun!

Thrive_PlayaViva-121 (1).jpg

Photo by Spencer Millsap (Kristi's husband :))

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