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Our Team

We all offer something a little bit different in our teaching styles - but our love for yoga and our love for the Thrive community are the same! 



Summer has been practicing yoga since she was 13. A 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher ("RYT", trained by Jaya Yoga School), Summer has a deep love for movement and a curiosity for all things yoga philosophy and practice, having studied the lineage of the Bihar School of Yoga founded by Satayanada Saraswati. As a former competitive dancer trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern dance, Summer loves dynamic movement of the body, mind, and spirit – and it shows: her innovative sequencing is sure to rock your world.


Lake Frederick

Lake (yes, like the body of water, and what a cool name amirite?!) is a 200-Hour RYT with a passion for making yoga accessible for all body types and skill levels. Trained by Uplifted Yoga Academy, Lake has been practicing for over ten years and teaching for the last two. Her yoga teaching style is compassionate, caring, and body-positive, informed by past struggles with her confidence and body image which yoga has helped her overcome. Trained in the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative yogic traditions, Lake is elated to join Team Thrive and share her yoga-love through our Gentle Yoga and Range of Motion classes. Beyond the mat, Lake is working towards a Psychology degree with ASU and plans to use her degree to weave together the mind-body aspects of both psychology and yoga.


AIMEE lafontaine

Aimee has been practicing yoga for six years and is a 200-Hour RYT (trained by Asha). Aimee did CrossFit and ran for many years, and she always found yoga to be a nice complement to these workouts. Working as a first responder, yoga has helped Aimee balance her day-to-day stress, calm her mind, and move her body while letting go of all the craziness in life. Since yoga has always been so beneficial for her, she's excited to share this healing practice with everyone at Thrive!

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kristi kontak millsap

Kristi has always been on the move. It started with ballet, tap, and modern dance for nearly 10 years growing up, then it became a passion for running. When, in the thrall of law school, running - her go-to stress relief - became too hard on her knees, she found a butt-kicking yoga teacher at the local gym (Jesús, bless him) and has never turned back. A 500-Hour RYT (trained by Evolation Yoga), Kristi can gush for a good while about the transformative powers of yoga. Her personal, top yoga loves include Prana Flow (created by Shiva Rea) and Hot Yoga (“26 & 2”), two styles that have a particularly amazing way of getting you out of your head and into the challenge of the moment. Kristi’s classes are like her: warm, lighthearted, and fun. 


Roxane Osborn

Roxane's yoga journey started in 2002 when lasting injuries from a car accident sent her searching for help. That led her to the hot (yoga) room,  to the 26 & 2 series, and has given her a lasting love for yoga. While getting her YTT for Ashtanga in Indonesia, she discovered Yin yoga and returned the very next year to train under Paul Grilley's students, Jo Phee and Joe Barnett. Finding the balance between the yin and the yang of yoga has only deepened her practice and helped inform her teaching. Whether you are looking for the challenge of physical practice or the gifts that come from the mental & emotional side of the practice, Roxane is here to meet you where you are and help guide you on your yoga journey. 


katie rains

Katie has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. As a 200-Hour RYT (trained by CorePower Yoga), she was so excited about teaching that she continued on after her teacher training and took CorePower’s Extensions Program, gaining 50 additional hours of teaching experience. She has taught classes everywhere from community parks to hot yoga studios to chiropractic offices to local gyms. In Katie’s teaching, she’s mastered the art of immediately and continually bringing you into the present moment – from wherever your mind happened to wander. Katie is a transplant to the Pacific Northwest and has lived and traveled all over the world. She loves to travel, play with cameras, and grow food. She is putting down roots in Kitsap County to be near her family.


katie williams

“Stay curious” are the words Katie lives by in her practice, whether it’s exploring new movement or finding stillness in meditation. She began teaching after receiving her 200-hour training from Yoga Den in 2015 and is additionally certified in yoga nidra and aerial yoga. In her work as a yoga teacher and yoga and fitness writer, she is passionate about making yoga accessible for everyone and helping people learn more about themselves through movement. Her slow, nature-inspired flows will help you create space, build deep strength, and tap into that beginner’s mindset — no matter your level.

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