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black lives matter & The yoga of action

Confronting endemic racial inequality and the effects of unchecked police brutality, among other factors, amidst a global pandemic that's already wreaked so much havoc? It's a hard time for America. As yoga practitioners, we have a special role to play here. 


Yoga may mean different things to different people on different days, alternately self-care, exercise, a moving meditation, union of mind and body or body and breath or mind and body and spirit, or combinations of the above. Ultimately, through our yoga practice, we strive to become better versions of ourselves, and for those better versions of ourselves to reverberate more goodness in the world. The world could use some more good right now.


In yoga-speak, an important concept salient to the present moment is Karma Yoga, which is the Yoga of Action: selfless action. 


Thrive Yoga Manette calls on its community to join in practicing some Karma Yoga for the furtherance of the Black Lives Matter movement, to end racial inequality, to end white supremacy, to end police brutality, to stand up, to not be silent, to let our voices be heard, in hopes of reverberating more goodness in the world.  


Here are some actionable ways you can take your yoga off your mat: 


- Educate yourself.

Here are some resources (not an exhaustive list): 

Campaign Zero

8 Can't Wait 

Black Lives Matter

Color of Change

Equal Justice Initiative

Dear White People: A Reading List


- Then, do what resonates, such as:

 Sign petitions

Join protests (with a face mask on

and with social distancing, ideally - keep yourself healthy!)

Contact your elected officials

Donate money - if you can afford it 

Donate time - volunteer 

Demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Demand justice for Breonna Taylor

Demand justice for George Floyd

Image by Dyana Wing So
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