thrive is open for indoor & outdoor*, in-person and virtual yoga
*We have a big back deck, rain cover, and some pretty rad outdoor heaters. Read on below, and check back here for any updates! 

Updated October 28, 2021: Governor Inslee imposed an indoor face mask mandate on August 23 that is still in effect statewide. In the Washington Secretary of Health's helpful FAQs, they specifically mention that face masks must be worn by yoga students in group classes indoors because we're around folks from outside of our household. We know this is a big, huge bummer to all of us who were super psyched to get vaccinated and move on with our lives post-COVID, but guys -- buck up: uniquely at Thrive, we've got options. 

Love that indoor heat? We feel you. Mask up and book your spots in the yoga room (10 spots). We have some bomb, beaky, Mom-sewn face masks to lend out to you - just ask (they're the best!).

Don't want to wear a face mask to practice yoga? We feel you. Grab a socially distanced, marked spot on our heated & rain-covered Deck (5 spots) or grab a Virtual Membership and rock our on-demand and live-stream classes from home.

Sound good? YAS. 

Grab our a-mazing Intro Special for new students, $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga, HERE.

Check out our class types HERE.

Check out our schedule and start booking your classes HERE.

Read our FAQs HERE.

We can't wait to practice with you! See you soon! 

More #GoodToKnowStuff: 
Initially, given Governor Inslee did not impose new social distancing or capacity restrictions, we intended to keep our max indoor capacity at 14 people. However, our understanding of the spread of the Delta variant among vaccinated people is evolving. Although vaccinated people may only experience minor symptoms, we still want to do everything we can to keep everyone in our community - vaccinated students, unvaccinated students, students with unvaccinated loved ones at home - as well as those in the broader community, safe. So, we are proactively limiting our indoor capacity to 10 students to maintain some distancing in both areas for practicing yoga at Thrive (inside and on the Deck). 

Check-in will still be at the front desk. Mask up to pop in and set down your stuff in our locker rooms or in the community area, or give your teacher a smile and a wave from the front patio before heading around back to claim your Deck spot. 

We got through 2020 together; *trusttttttttt*: we are going to get through this together, too. 
More about our back Deck: Our Deck got a 2020 makeover: a big awning to provide rain cover and three energy-efficient Infratech heaters (from Washington state company Heating Green). Even on the coldest and wettest of Kitsap days, you'll be cozy and dry on our Deck (wear a couple of layers - you'll find you'll shed them as your practice gets going!).
Want to get in the hot room or on our beautiful and breezy Deck?! Check out our Pricing tab, pick the option that's best for you, and book classes to your heart's content! 

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Photos by Spencer Millsap and Brittany Kelley Photography

Flow with us in-person or join us from home on Zoom: select classes have Live-Stream options (Yin; Gentle Yoga; Range of Motion; Meditation & Flow). 

Definitely check out our FAQs page for anything else you may be wondering about. Still got questions? We've got answers! Shoot us an email at or give us a call or text at 360.626.6031!