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every body can thrive at thrive. You're in the right place.

Uniquely at Thrive, we have indoor, outdoor, *and* live-stream options for your yoga practice. (We have a big back deck, rain cover, and some pretty rad outdoor heaters!)

Our studio opened in September 2019, six months before the pandemic. We followed all Covid-19 regulations, masking and ventilating and distancing, and our amazing yoga community became bigger and stronger throughout. We're a bunch of good humans of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ability levels, and we'd love for you to practice with us and discover how amazing yoga is for your body, mind, and spirit. 

Are you hot yoga-curious? Many of our classes are heated with our infrared heating panels (it feels like sunlight: amazing). Yoga + heat is a winning combo because when our muscles are warm, yoga postures are easier to achieve as well as more effective. Ready to get in the hot room? YAS. We've got 17 spots inside. If your class is waitlisted, don't fret! Just watch how fast the waitlists cycle through -- more often than not, you'll make it in! (And we have several indoor classes that are low to no heat, too -- check out Gentle Yoga, Range of Motion, Yoga Barre, and Power Sculpt!) 

Want to see what our heated & rain-covered outdoor Deck is all about? It's beautiful, it's breezy, it's roomy, it's très ventilated. Just wear a couple layers on cooler days - most likely, you'll be shedding them as your practice gets going! If you don't make it into the hot room for a class you want to take, book one of the 5 spots on the Deck - or, in summer, one of the 8 spots on our backyard Turf! - to get off the waitlist and onto your mat at Thrive! 

Sound good? YAS. 

First things first - do you have a yoga mat already? 

Yes! I've got a yoga mat --> 
grab our a-mazing Intro Month for new students, $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga. GET IT

Not yet! --> get our Intro Month PLUS for new students and get FREE yoga mat *and* yoga towel rentals, just $40 for 30 days of unlimited yoga. GET IT

sst: Your Intro Month starts the day you book your first class with us!)

We've carefully crafted our class types and our schedule so that you can have a weekly practice of at least 2-3 classes that meet you wherever you're at. (2-3 classes per week is the number of classes we recommend to feel the sustained benefits of yoga in your life, like lower stress and better sleep). 

Make an account with us HERE.

Check out our class types HERE.

Check out our schedule and start booking your classes HERE.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") HERE.

We can't wait to practice with you! See you soon! 

More #GoodToKnowStuff: We proactively limit our indoor capacity to 17
 people (our mat-to-mat, max capacity is 22), and we limit our outdoor (Deck) capacity to 5 people, to maintain some distancing. 


2020_02_26 thrive_yoga 00027.jpg
2020_02_26 thrive_yoga 00042.jpg

Photos by Spencer Millsap and Brittany Kelley Photography

Flow with us in-person or join us from home on Zoom: select classes have Live-Stream options (Monday Yin; Gentle Yoga on Monday mornings; Monday Hot 60; Tuesday
 Prana Beats, Wednesday Hot 90, Sunday & Wednesday Slow Flow, Range of Motion on Sunday mornings). 

Definitely check out our FAQs page for anything else you may be wondering about. Still got questions? We've got answers! Send an email to to reach me (Hi! I'm Kristi the Studio Owner) and Summer (the Assistant Studio Manager) or give us a call or text at 360.626.6031! 


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