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Upcoming Workshops

Free or discounted for members

Foundations Workshops - 2pm on March 14; April 4; May 2: In each of these workshops, free to all Thrive students - whether you're on your intro month or you're a Member or a class passer - we'll do a deep dive on the foundational postures of yoga. Learning how to feel your way through a yoga sequence starts with learning how to feel a certain posture in your body when done with the proper alignment. We'll take the time to break down poses one by one and build muscle memory for all the basic poses so that at your next class, the transitions are a little easier and you get a better sense of how and why yoga can be called a "flow". 

Spring Detox with Summer - 4pm - 5.30pm on March 14: By now, you've probably felt some of yoga's amazing benefits in your life, including the feeling of purification, of detoxification. But ... which specific yoga postures are detoxifying? What about breathing exercises - which ones expel impurities and bring our bodies and minds into balance? And how and why did ancient yogis come up with these detoxifying practices anyway? Come and FIND OUT, then flow with Summer to a specially crafted, detoxifying flow, and rid your body of physical and emotional toxins.


Free for Members with code MEMBEREVENT, $20 for non-members.



Yoga & Clothing Swap with Katie Rains - Saturday, March 21 from 4 - 5.30pm - POSTPONED until Summer






Warm Yin & Yoga Nidra Workshop by Katie Williams - Sunday, March 22 from 5.30 - 7pm: Come and chillax at Thrive during this 90-minute yin and yoga nidra workshop led by Katie Williams. Take the time to slow down, reflect, and reconnect with your body and mind. You’ll move through an hour-long yin yoga sequence to shed layers of stress and release tension in your body.


This slow, mostly seated style of yoga will work deep into your connective tissue through long-held, passive poses and supportive props. This practice will nourish your body and calm your mind in preparation for a guided 30 minute yoga nidra meditation. Yoga nidra — also known as yogic sleep — will drift you into a deep state of conscious rest where you’ll explore a visualization for healing and full body relaxation. No experience with yoga or yoga nidra is required. Please dress comfortably and feel free to bring your favorite blanket and/or pillow.

Free for Members with code MEMBEREVENT, $20 for non-members.





Master Classes with world-renowned yoga teacher Rob Hess on Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29 from 4 - 6.30pm (OMG SO EXCITED): 


Rasa Flow - Moving in Harmony with the Flow of Life  


Rasa has many beautiful meanings; in the arts, rasa is the transforming “taste” that brings inner satisfaction to the beauty of dance, music or painting. Within yoga and Ayurveda, rasa is our “inner essence” associated with longevity, joy, devotion, and flexibility. Without rasa, it is said, our experience of yoga and life, becomes “dry, rigid, routine.”

Experience a full-spectrum yoga practice intensive into the art of Rasa – realization and sequencing to your life – integrating the essential understanding of embodying rasa from tantra, the arts, and Ayurveda.

In these Rasa Flow Master Classes, Rob will offer the theory and practice of Rasa Flow  by exploring three consummate rasas:

  • Vira (strength, potency)

  • Sringara (divine love and sensuality)

  • Shanti (living peace)


Saturday’s practice will be focused on Vira Rasa connecting to our strength and inner fire; Sunday’s practice will be focused on Sringara and Shanti Rasa, connecting to the heart space, the place of coming together. 

$10 for Members with discount code MASTERCLASS; $30 for non-members. 

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