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Yoga Teachers 

Are you a Kitsap-based yoga teacher? If so, we’d love to have you join Team Thrive!



  • Love yoga and want to share that love of yoga in a positive and nurturing way with the Thrive community. Maybe you love yoga so much that you proselytize about yoga’s awesome benefits to anyone who asks about it

  • Are a glass half full kind of person. Stuff happens, sure, but when it does, you focus on finding the solution and making the best of things

  • Recognize that, like yoga, teaching is also a practice that we commit to improving upon every day. And, in that vein, you’re open and receptive to feedback on your classes – what served your students well and what didn’t serve your students well – so that your next class can be even more bomb. (insert fist bump to explosion gif here)

  • Have at least a 200 hour yoga alliance teacher training certification

  • Have minimum 1 year teaching experience

  • Have a personal yoga practice that reflects any one of the styles that are taught at Thrive

  • Love music and enjoy integrating music and yoga 

  • Can teach at least two classes per week



  • Unlimited yoga at Thrive. And, we hope that you’ll make practicing at Thrive a consistent part of your week. As teachers, we tell students that yoga is a practice and that it can be different every day – some days you rock that standing bow pose and some days you keep falling out of it. It’s important for students to see that us teachers are not infallible, that we're also students, and it’s important for teachers to be active parts of the broader Thrive community.

  • Discounts on merch.


To be considered as a teacher for Team Thrive, please send an email expressing your interest and listing your qualifications to and kindly also note which of Thrive’s class offerings you would like to teach.

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