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Potlucks to empower women and girls 


"Changing the world one woman, one girl, one dinner at a time." 

At Thrive Yoga Manette, we hold monthly Dining for Women Chapter events, open to all. Check out our schedule and book your spots below!


"Dining for Women" is a national 501(c)(3) organization which identifies and vets grassroots organizations to manage grants tackling women's human rights issues. Dining for Women Chapters - like ours - are dinner giving circles that fund those grassroots organizations so they can work to empower women and girls and promote gender equity.

At our monthly Dining for Women Chapter events, the idea is that we "dine in" - each bringing a dish (or cheese plate, or box of cookies on sale at Safeway - no pressure and no judgment, people) - or drink to share. We donate our "dining out" dollars (what we would have spent if we had eaten at a restaurant) to programs empowering women and girls worldwide. We all contribute whatever we can throw in that month, typically between $5 and $20 per person, via cash, check made out to Dining for Women, or Venmo.

Each month, we watch a short (max. 10 minutes) documentary where we learn both about a women's human rights issue and how a grassroots organization is working to address that issue. Our chapter's donations are combined with those from hundreds of other chapters to support that one carefully selected and pre-vetted grassroots organization working to address the issue we just learned about. ...It's pretty great!

Learn more about Dining for Women (DFW) here.

We'll be super excited to bring DFW events back as soon as everyone is vaccinated! 


"The efforts that Dining for Women have undertaken … all across the country over the past 13 years provide a powerful example of how individual acts of giving, when aggregated, can make a deep and transformational impact." — Hillary Clinton

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