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Community Events

Here at Thrive, we are all about community and lifting each other up. We also like to let loose and have some fun. Check out our upcoming community events -- we'll hope to see you there! 

Movies on the Thrive Turf: More movies comin' in hot summer & fall 2022! Send us a message - what throwback favorites should we feature?! In summer 2021, we played Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Dirty Dancing. In October 2021, we played E.T. and Hocus Pocus! 

Potlucks for a super good cause (women's and girls' empowerment), through national non-profit Together Women Rise: We loved hosting these monthly dinner parties from Sept. 2019 - February 2020! Then COVID happened, womp womp. As soon as we can safely get these going again, we will! 

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