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get ready to thrive 

hot, not hot, gentle and not so gentle: We've got a class for everyone. 

HOT 90

Hot 90 is a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises - grounded in the Ghosh/Bikram tradition of Hatha Yoga - practiced in a heated room (105 - 108 degrees ish) that will work your body from head to toe. There are good reasons why people become really devoted to this type of yoga - it builds strength, flexibility, and endurance, plus it's great for weight loss, weight maintenance, and tackling stress. BOOM! What's not to like? Designed to challenge the beginner and advanced yoga practitioner alike, this class will leave you incredibly rejuvenated (and, let’s be honest, pretty sweaty – bring a change of clothes!). On which note - don't forget to hydrate before class! <3 

HOT 60 // Bishnu beats

Hot 60: If you want the same awesome challenge of Hot 90 squidged into a more schedule-friendly 60 minute class, et viola – this is your class. 

Bishnu Beats: A Hot 60 class set to fun jams. On Fridays at 6pm, this is a great alternative to a Friday post-work happy hour: come rock out a yoga happy hour instead! (So. Much. Better for you.) Now renamed Bishnu Beats to pay homage to Bishnu Ghosh, Bikram's mentor and founder of the lineage of postures from which the 26 and 2 / Bikram series was derived. 


Interested in the whole idea of hot yoga but need a little time to *warm up* to the Hot 60 and Hot 90 classes? (Badum-chhh!) Warm 60 features more accessible, modified versions of the same 26 postures and two breathing exercises as Hot 60 and Hot 90 in a class that doesn’t crank up the temperature *quite* as much, just to 90 degrees. Pretend you’re doing yoga at the beach, without the whole sand mess. It's also a great class for those recovering from injuries and for those with limited mobility and flexibility. 

Gentle Yoga 

With not one downdog, this chill class will gently stretch you out and strengthen you up with passive and supported poses. You'll learn beginning yoga postures, principles of body alignment, and breath awareness. Plus, you'll learn lots of modifications that you can use in our other classes, and our bolsters and blocks will help ensure the poses are accessible to all. 

Warm yin

Life going a little too fast? Need to hit pause and get some super restful stretching? There's nothing quite like a warm yin class to help you reset. Yin is yoga at its calmest. You'll be on the floor most of the time, with bolsters and blocks helping prop you up in different stretches as you rest into them with little to no effort. Poses are generally held for at least several minutes, allowing your connective tissue -- your tendons, ligaments, and fascia -- the time to release. Come to Warm Yin and bring your post-yoga bliss face to a whole new level. 

Laughing Yoga


Join the growing number of folks who’ve wisened up to the vast benefits of yoga as, if not your main exercise, an amazing complementary exercise which enhances lung capacity and improves flexibility, stability, agility, and endurance, and will generally up your game. Geared towards beginning yoga practitioners, this unheated class covers all the yoga basics and provides a great opportunity for you to see what the yoga fuss is all about in a non-intimidating space surrounded by other (maybe-not-super-flexible-but-want-to-change-that-through-yoga) beginners like you! 


This class takes your traditional vinyasa flow yoga class to the next level.  Free your spine – free yourself! – in this butt-kicking, warm (90 - 95 degrees) class set to the latest fun jams. You’ll flow to the music, you’ll sweat, and you’ll discover your inner yoga rockstar.


Unleash your power in this unheated – but no less intense – moving meditation where you’ll flow to the beat of the music, build heat, flexibility, endurance, and strength, and forget all about [insert latest life issue here] between around the third and the fourth chaturanga.


Ever walked out of a barre class and thought MAN, I wish there had been more stretchy yoga goodness thrown in there? Your wish came true in our Yoga Barre class, which marries the best targeted body-sculpting parts of barre to the best stretchy, OMG-I-feel-amazing parts of yoga: YASSSS. 

power sculpt 

In Thrive’s October survey, you asked for cardio and you asked for yoga sculpt: and now you’ve got it! Power Sculpt is an unheated, high-intensity, dynamic yoga class where you’ll chisel your muscles into shape. Set to the latest fun jams, this full-body workout will strengthen, lengthen, and rock you. (Cue Queen song.)


There’s a reason prenatal yoga is a separate class – there are certain poses you'll need to modify or avoid when you have a bun in the oven. So - want to kick your pregnancy glow up a few notches? Join our pre-natal yoga classes where you’ll meet other soon-to-be moms, help mitigate common pregnancy ailments like lower back pain and nausea, and prepare your body for labor and delivery.

baby & Me 

Another brand new class at Thrive - you asked for it, we're delivering! Practice yoga WITH your baby (grandbaby, niece, nephew, etc!) - from around 3 weeks old up to around 10 months when they start getting mobile! - at Baby & Me class. Discover ways to mindfully and joyfully incorporate baby into your yoga bliss!

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